#NPP DECIDES: Counting Of Ballots Finally Begins

A huge sigh of relief was literally heaved by virtually everyone at the Accra Sports Stadium where the National Delegates Conference of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) is ongoing, after the Electoral Commission finally gave the leeway for collating of ballots.

This delay was inspired by the refusal of some delegates to leave the inner perimeter where voting for the various national executive aspirants was taking place.

The behavior of the delegates made it difficult for the electoral officials to commence counting as they had to wait for all the delegates to vacate the voting arena so their work could begin.

The Police finally had to move in to disperse the delegates and now counting of the ballots has been made possible.

The collation begins with the counting of National Treasurer and National Organizer votes simultaneously and respectively, followed by the General Secretary and that of the National Chairman.

The Vice Chairman votes will also be tallied afterwards and then the rest of the positions will follow suit.