‘Petroleum Industry Bereft Of Cabal’

A petroleum industry player who asked for anonymity has told Daily Guide that the tracking system alluded to in the paper’s editorial in yesterday’s edition is working perfectly to the benefit of consumers and the state.

“We appreciate the concerns of the newspaper but wish to add that the previous regime is not deriving anything from the operations of the gadget,” he said.

There is perhaps cabal intent on reversing the gains so far made in the industry to their benefit but finding this impossible they are resorting to a smear campaign.

He added that the industry should be spared such machinations so that the good plans government has for it would be realized.

Transparency is the hallmark of the current administration and it applies to petroleum issues in both BOST and NPA.

“Those who want to derail the system in place now would not have a place to do so,” he said, adding that “were such cabal to be in existence both the NPA and BOST would have raised a red flag already”.

The amount of money quoted in the editorial definitely goes to the state and not to individuals in the past government. “Such politicians would be able to manipulate the system to their benefit or to enrich their war chest,” he said.

In yesterday’s editorial reference was made to a cabal benefiting from the whopping amount of money from the operations of a tracking device.