�Anarchist� Sekou Has Lost Touch With Reality - Presidency

The Presidency has described political Activist Dr Sekou Nkrumah as a �perpetual cynic� and an �anarchist� who has lost touch with reality. The reaction, on the XYZ Breakfast Show, followed Dr Nkrumah�s description of President John Mahama�s performance at his interaction with Journalists at the Flagstaff House on Tuesday as uninspiring. He also described the President as a visionless leader who is virtually groping his way through governance. Dr Nkrumah said the President �doesn�t have any leadership qualities. He speaks like an ordinary person on the streets and that is not a leader. He has no vision, he�s uninspiring and some of the language that he uses is very � I don�t want to use strong words � but a President should not be speaking that way�. According to him, �The President should speak with some authority, strength, conviction and use words [that inspire] and it�s not a joke and it�s not child�s play�. He added that: �People continue saying that he is a PR something and so on, [but] I don�t see any of that. Unless he doesn�t understand that he�s the President of the country and he�s the President of the country and he has been Vice President for four years, this is becoming a big joke in this country�. However Presidential Staffer Dr Clement Apaak told Host Moro Awudu that Dr Nkrumah�s behaviour smacks of a person who has lost touch with the world. �The conclusions I�m drawing from the commentaries that Sekou has been making recently is that he has resigned himself to become a perpetual cynic, or perhaps if you like, he has lost an interest in structures and maybe he�s becoming an anarchist, so perhaps the problem is not Ghana, but the problem is Sekou himself and the way he views our Ghanaian society and where our President wants to take this country and it is entirely not true to say that President John Dramani Mahama has not vision�. Dr Apaak said Dr Sekou Nkrumah appears to be living in a world of his own, and thus, continues to "insult and impugn the intelligence of the good people of Ghana" with his statements.