I Have Not Received My Common Fund � Adentan MP

The Member of Parliament for the Adentan Constituency, Emmanuel Nii Ashie Moore, has stated that he has not received his share of the MPs Common Fun since he was sworn into office on January 7th, 2013. He was reacting to a publication carried in our Monday edition under the heading �Ashie Moore Splashes Common Fund on Funeral�s & Book Launch�. �Yes, I made those request to the Assembly but the MCE did not approve them. In fact as we are talking now, I have not received a pesewa of my Common Fund,� the MP told the New Crusading Guide newspaper on Monday in a brief telephone conversation. He further revealed that the two books he bought at the book launch were meant to be placed in the library of a selected school. It would be recalled that this paper on Monday 6th January, 2014, published that �documents in possession of The New Crusading Guide have revealed that unlike other Members of Parliament who use their share of the Common Fund to support and sponsor development projects in their various Constituencies, the MP for the Adentan Constituency, Emmanuel Nii Ashie Moore has resorted to using his share for funeral donations, payment of pledges at launching of books, payment of school fees of close associates among other ventures which is causing disaffection at the Assembly. One of such many payments which some Members of the Assembly have labeled as �Frivolous and ridiculous,� is the request by Mr. Ashie Moore on the Municipal Assembly to fork out of his Common Fund, an amount of GH2,000.00 to redeem a pledge he made at a book launch when he was represented by one Dr. Gibson. The MP made the request when pressure started mounting on him by the Planning Committee of the book launch to redeem the pledge he had made about seven months earlier. One Herbert Mortu, Event Coordinator of the book launch which was title �Man Beyond the Veil of Region� and authored by Moses D. Kanda, wrote a letter on 20th May 2013, demanding GH2,000. from the MP for the purchase of two books during the launch. Another of such request for payment by the MP was for the release of GH200.00 as funeral donation to a bereaved family.