KMA to block leakages in revenue collection system

The Kumasi Metropolitan Chief Executive (MCE), Mr Kojo Bonsu, has pledged to block all loopholes and leakages in the Assembly�s revenue collection system to strengthen its financial base. At a meeting on Wednesday in Kumasi, he said, the Assembly was targeting to collect three times the revenue it had been collecting now and that it could no longer relied on the central government alone for funds to develop. Mr Bonsu expressed dissatisfaction with the Assembly�s performance by way of fees and rates collections, saying the records showed a decline since year 2009. He said the situation, where the Assembly�s outsourced revenue collection to agencies that took 70 per cent as against 30 per cent for the KMA should be revisited to get a better deal. He said they certainly would have to move towards a new direction. Mr Bonsu outlined plans to promote sister-city sports competitions and tournaments in the metropolis to aggressively showcase Kumasi to the outside world. He would additionally liaise with other stakeholders to spearhead international conferences and events to attract more investors into the city.